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Quality Management

We consider quality as our primary principle and practice thorough and comprehensive quality management.
KUNYOUNG’s quality management system, which is strictly managed under the direction of our chairman, is certified by the international certification authority, TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein).

We put our utmost effort into achieving the best quality with smooth exchange of information as well as effective knowledge management activities based on our quality management system.
We create construction plans, construction guidelines as well as quality plans that are tailor-made to each site and manage not only the process of construction but also the management of results in order to reach the highest degree of project completion.

Quality Management Policy
  1. KUNYOUNG will do its utmost to meet the expectations and requests of our customers based on optimum quality management and construction management.
  2. The Chairman is ultimately responsible for promoting and maintaining quality management. The Chairman is also responsible for applying and promoting a quality management system that will enable KUNYOUNG to become the company that our customers trust.
  3. The Administrations Representative is responsible for guaranteeing and confirming that the quality management system of KUNYOUNG is being properly applied and maintained. He/she is also responsible for reporting to the Chairman with regards to the suitability and efficiency of a quality management system and how it should be improved.
  4. The Head of the relevant team must maintain the quality management system of KUNYOUNG and devise measures for improvement. He/she must also report all quality management-related matters to the Administrations Representative.
  5. All the employees of KUNYOUNG must apply the quality management system to their work to ensure optimum products and profits. Employees must also continue to improve the quality management system in order to fully meet the expectations and requests of our customers.
Construction Management Policy
  1. KUNYOUNG fully examines and analyzes all materials relevant to a construction project within 1 month after the commencement of the construction work. Based on these materials, KUNYOUNG drafts and applies a construction plan to promote quality management during the construction work.
  2. A quality assessment officer with professional knowledge conducts an inspection to ascertain whether the construction work is being conducted according to the construction plans and construction guidelines, focusing on whether the construction work is proceeding in accordance with the relevant acts, regulations and standards.
  3. KUNYOUNG promotes knowledge management activities by sharing construction plans, construction guidelines, quality management plans, case studies of defects, and construction site management guidelines on the smooth application of quality management across all construction sites.
  4. KUNYOUNG promotes the prevention of defects by adopting new construction methods and new materials, by analyzing the types of defects and establishing appropriate countermeasures, and by sharing with collaborating companies the materials for the construction.

Safety Management

Nothing is more important than safety in the construction industry. We believe that respect for life is our fundamental principle and safety of people is our highest priority.

KUNYOUNG strives to not only achieve a zero-accident goal with the systemized safety management system, but also to train workers about accident prevention and imbue them with safety consciousness.
We are preparing a system where workers autonomously comply with safety policies through various incentives such as reward and performance evaluation. We will lead the technologies that minimize potential risk factors and save the lives of people.

No disaster claim activity
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Eco-Friendly Management

We are deeply aware that it is our prime responsibility to prevent and solve environmental problems resulting from corporate activities. KUNYOUNG is committed to environmental excellence with the integrated eco-friendly management system in which every employee including top executives and business partners take part. Our eco-friendly management system, certified by the world-renowned German certification organization, TÜV, applies to every process of our corporate activities.

We will expand on our global reputation of being an environment-friendly corporation by practicing thorough Eco-Friendly management.

Eco-Friendly Management Policy
  1. We are deeply aware that our efforts to prevent and resolve environmental problems resulting from corporate activities will promote the sustainable development of KUNYOUNG. In addition, we are committed to establishing an integrated eco-friendly management system in which every employee including our top executives take part.
  2. We are committed to increasing eco-economic efficiency by implementing eco-friendly management policies that fundamentally decrease the emission of environmental pollutants, by efficiently using natural resources and energy sources. Our practice concurrently promotes the preservation of the environment and economic development, as well as enhancing KUNYOUNG’s competitiveness and market value.
  3. We are committed to establishing an eco-friendly corporate management environment based on the trust of our society by transparently revealing information on the activities and achievements of our eco-friendly management policy to relevant people, and by introducing a self-regulated eco-friendly management system.
Eco-Friendly Management of Construction Sites
  1. We are committed to establishing and applying an eco-friendly management plan in order to minimize environment pollutants resulting from our construction projects by examining and analyzing the relevant construction materials before breaking ground.
  2. An environment officer will conduct an inspection to ascertain whether the construction is proceeding in accordance with the relevant acts, regulations and eco-friendly management plans, and will continue to suggest improvements.
  3. We will eradicate pollutants resulting from our everyday lives by developing new technologies and construction methods. We will also minimize civil affairs by establishing an eco-friendly management system to be co-promoted with residents living within the vicinity of the construction site.
  4. We will operate educational training programs aimed at encouraging all employees and business partners to take part in eco-friendly management activities. We will also encourage all our employees and business partners to actively participate in eco-friendly management activities by sharing work-related issues.