Core Values

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To enrich the future of Korea through our sincere and bold spirit of challenge
Creative construction that builds a society full of love
Sincere Management
  • Enhancing the value of life, and seeking the prosperity of the local community
  • Creating profit through dedicated work and ongoing challenges

All businesses of KUNYOUNG focus on enhancing the lives of our customers. In addition, we endeavor for the best development for the local community. Sincere Management is our first management principle and we will ensure that tomorrow’s value is more bountiful than today for our customers, shareholders, employees and society.

Communicative Management
  • A corporation that knows and deeply understands its customers
  • The most effective communication across all generations

The competence of KUNYOUNG is rooted in customer-oriented thinking that focuses on the latent requirements of customers which goes beyond mere customer satisfaction.
We firmly believe that only companies who deeply understand their customers are capable of increasing the quality of lives of others. Therefore, we put our utmost care and interest into the communication of customers when we embark on each project. Through constant communication across all generations, KUNYOUNG maximizes the efficiency and the synergy effects within the organization.

Creative Management
  • Creating Something out of Nothing
  • Building quality of life
  • Increasing efficiency of business with a creative pioneering spirit

KUNYOUNG is building an exceptional level of competence with creative ideas. Based on its advanced technology, high level of construction capabilities as well as creative ideas, we are making strides into becoming a leading global construction company that specializes in real estate development. We are not only building the exterior of buildings, but actually raising the quality of life within the building.

Pioneering Management
  • Forging tomorrow through our pioneering spirit

Pioneering spirit and passion act as the catalysts that create brighter futures. In order to take a bold leap forward towards becoming a global leader, we continuously discover various business areas and endeavor to build unique competency. Based on the technical skills that we have accumulated over the last 30 years, we are preparing for the foundation of future development by focusing on the green energy sector such as renewable energy, and for unraveling a green city.